7" Sparklers
Firing Time: 40 s 7 inch sparkler Pack of 10..
Mystical Fire
Throw it in a campfire to change flames to a variety of colours. Lasts approximately 10 minutes...
Crackle Jacks - (6 pk)
Firing Time: 6 s Low ground effect A color changing ground spinner with an awesome crackle effect at..
Flash Flitter Strobes
Firing Time: 15 s Bright red, green and orange lights that create a blinding strobe light...
Cake Fountain 2 pack
Firing Time: 25 s Fountain made for a cake, no residue. Makes for great birthday photos. 2 pack..
Color Spring Fountain
A crackling fountain with red and green pearls...
Diwali Fountain
Firing Time: 15 s Height: 1/2 meter Crackling fountain with red green pearls...
Jumping Jacks (6 pk)
Firing Time: 20 s A color changing ground spinner..
Happy Diwali Fountain
Firing Time: 30 seconds Height: 1 meter Cone shaped fountain that emits a shower of sparks...
Hummer (5pk)
Firing Time: 6 s Low ground effect Fountain with intensely loud whistle...
20" sparklers
Pack of 10, 20 inch sparklers. lasts for about 1 1/2 minutes...
Dancing Butterfly - (3 pk)
Firing Time: 18 s Low ground effect Red-green and strobing stars and ejects colored butterflies that..
Powder Keg Fountain
Firing Time: 40 s Height: 1/2 meter Red, purple, and orange fountains with coloured stars and silver..
Swirl N Twirl
Firing Time: 20 s 2 meter effect Nail to post. Spins emitting shower of sparks...
Diwali Anaar
Firing Time: 35 s Height: 1/2 meter Fountain with red sparks...
Firing Time: 45 s Height: 1 meter Fountain of red stars with silver chrysanthemum sparks, to green s..
28" Sparklers
Firing Time: 120 s 28 inch sparklers Pack of 8..
Firecracklers - 72 pk
Firing Time: 2 s Low ground effect Small snappy crackling ground spinner - 72 pk..
Emperors Tattoo
Firing Time: 35 s Height: 2 meters Large fountain of silver sparks and cackling strobes...
Smiley Face Fountain
Erupting titanium chrysanthemum sparks with red and green stars. 30 seconds 2 meters Changes to a..
Fan Tail
Firing Time: 45 s Height: 2 meters Fan shaped fountain Silver Spider Fountain with Blue Stars. 2 Sil..
Firing Time: 50 s Height: 2 meters A fountain cake of red titanium sparks to blue stars that emit fr..
Night Cat
Firing Time: 90 s Height: 2 meters Silver crackling fountain to red and silver stars. Silver fountai..
Magic Pumpkin
Firing Time: 50 s Height: 3 meters White chrysanthemum with red stars, silver flower with red stars,..
Ghostly Delight
Firing Time: 79 s Height: 2 meters Silver bushy flower fountain to noisy crackling sparks with red a..
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